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Italian Lessons with Matteo 

1) What is the content of a lesson?

For the beginners, we can start with the basics: the alphabet, common verbs and basic greetings. In subsequent lessons we will move on to themes such as  shopping, asking for directions, ordering food,etc; everyday conversations.

For students of intermediate level, I will provide a worksheet aiming at strengthening sentence structure and sentence pattern. Alternatively, I can help students to practise their conversational skills or take their vocabulary to an advanced level by discussing casual, academic or controversial topics, or reading newspaper articles. This depends on the individual students aims.

Students will have significant interaction with me in Italian and will learn more than the language itself as I like to give my students more information about vocabulary, regional usage and culture related to the topic.

2) Why should I choose Matteo as my Italian tutor?

"Professor Preabianca combines excellent organization, and very clear presentation of language concepts with a remarkable intuition for understanding students’ challenges and uncertainties." - Evan D., Consultant Management, US.

 "Dr. Preabianca went beyond just teaching me grammar and also helped me understand how Italians actually used the language so I could immediately apply it professionally and personally". - Sam S., R&D Manager, US.

"Matteo's students apprecciate his responsiveness, his readiness to help and explain tough concepts. He's always cheerful and instills a love of the language from the first few minutes of class."- Ben A., Language Solutions Manager, IOR GLOBAL SERVICES.

I have been teaching Italian for over 7 years. In 2013, I started teaching Italian language and culture at tertiary level in Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia).

You can have a look at my CV. References available upon request.

3) What equipment do I need to have a lesson with Matteo?

With a microphone, headset and webcam set up, students can listen to the pronunciation, see my gestures and read my lips as I teach, and vice versa.

4) How do I have a lesson with Matteo?

Via Skype, therefore you will need a Skype account.

Please add me on skype: mattebianca

5) What makes a Skype session better than a face-to-face lesson? 

From my interview: "In many ways, a virtual class looks the same, because it can include all of the activities of a face-to-face class: writing, speaking, listening, and reading. Speaking becomes absolutely necessary when working online, and it’s easy to review grammar rules via online resources, e-books or other manuals. Every two weeks I hold a writing lesson, switching off the microphone and using only text chat. For reading, I send a link to a newspaper article to the student, who reads it aloud, while I correct his pronunciation and aim to increase his vocabulary". 

6) How do I schedule a lesson?

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

7) How much is the rate?

Please contact me directly via email or Skype to discuss the rate for lessons.

8) How do I pay?

I accept payments through PayPal or direct bank transfer to US/UK/Australian/EU bank accounts. Payment must be made prior to the lesson .Free trial lessons are available. 




  1. student is absent during the appointed lesson; I will be online for the duration of the lesson regardless of students' attendance. Please be sure to check Skype and other hardware before the lesson.

  2. rescheduling or canceling an appointed session without a 24-hour notification.

  3. From the time of first purchase, you will have up to 6 months to use your credits with MatteoTeachesItalian. After which time, those credits become void.I apologize for any inconveniences. ñThank you very much for your understanding and support!